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Membership Programme

Many of our supporters have asked us how they can join CIF as members, in order to show their support for our work in ways other than through financial donations.

Our members play a vital role in supporting us and promoting our work to their networks. As a relatively new charity, we are keen to extend our mission for an enhanced dialogue with China to as many interested parties and potential supporters as possible.

Accordingly, we have established a three-tier membership programme with a range of benefits that we hope our supporters will find useful. We hope that some of you will become volunteers with CIF, lending your expertise and time to support the development of our activities.

As we continue to grow, we will broaden the range of ways to be involved and support our work, to include joint membership and corporate membership.

Individuals can now join China Insight Foundation as a Member, a Benefactor Member and as a Patron.


£100.00 per year

Be part of our movement to promote greater insight into UK-China relations and share our work:

  • Come along to our event series and share invitations with your network.
  • Promote education and dialogue.
  • Enjoy and share CIF content on social media.

Benefactor Member

£500.00 per year

Network and contribute to the discussion:

  • All of the above benefits, plus you will be helping our cause with an additional donation towards our running costs (not salaries).
  • Included in private discussions with authors and colleagues across disciplines.
  • Helping to shape and contribute to our research and thinking, through our special projects and events.
  • Enjoy priority access to our publications and events.


£1000.00 per year

Help to fund and promote CIF special programmes:

  • All of the above benefits, plus your donation will help us to preserve our independence by forming a part of our broad funding consortium;
  • Patrons are invited to join round-table summits and events.
  • Plus all Patrons have access CIF founders and affiliated members.

Partner with China Insight Foundation

China Insight Foundation founders are open to working with all philanthropists, trusts and foundations, corporate partners and government departments that are sympathetic to our aims for enhanced dialogue with China and Chinese people. All potential partners are subject to our due diligence process managed by our Scrutiny Committee and our founding members.

Please contact our Development Director Sarah Slavin for more information on the benefits of membership and on other ways you can get involved.